How To Invest In SelfMaker ?

How To Invest In SelfMaker ?

SelfMaker Start Step by Step – Here You will learn how to participate in the SelfMaker Company, in the entire Ecosystem, buying Security Tokens on the SelfMakerSmartSolutions Platform.

I will introduce you here the Process from very beginning to the very end.

How To Invest In SelfMaker ?
How To Invest In SelfMaker ?

STEP 1. Registration on the SelfMaker Smart Solutions Platform.

  • To Purchase Security Tokens we must Register on their SelfMaker Smart Solutions Platform and only there we can Purchase Tokens.
  • Direct Register CLICK HERE or the image “Register Now” below.
  • After completing the Registration Form, you will receive a Confirmation Email

STEP 2. KYC Verification (KYC TAB)

  • Verify Your Account By Sending Documents To The Company For Verification.
  • If you are investing up to $13.000 at the beginning, you don’t need to send immediately, if you’re going to invest more than $13.000, you need to go to KYC Level 1 Verification.
  • Verification Level 1. No Limit Investment = ID or Passport or Driving License.
selfmaker smart solutions kyc
selfmaker smart solutions kyc

The Verification Process is very simple and quick, but in case of Any problems please contact me.

STEP 3. Purchase Security Tokens (Via Bitcoin)

  • Go to the “Buy” tab, enter the number of Tokens you want to buy.
  • The Minimum amount is $109. ($100 is Tokens and $9 is a one-time registration fee)
  • Click “Complete to Order
  • It will take us to the CoinPayment Website where we will finalize the transaction.
  • There Where “Select a Coin” Select BTC and click “Complete Checkout
  • We scan the Bar Code through your Application/BTC Wallet or We rewrite the exact Amount and Address to which BTC must be sent.
  • After Dispatch, we wait for confirmation and we return to our office where after some time our Security Tokens will appear.
  • The purchase of Security Tokens takes place with the help of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, if you do not have Bitcoin, you can buy it on the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange or I Bitcoin ATM in your City.

You can also pay by payment card by selecting MoonPay. – There you also have to go step by step through the purchase process, it is possible to verify your identity for MoonPay during the order processing. (

Do Not Turn Off The Transaction Page Until The Message “PAID” Appears.

STEP 4. Finish

  • Return to the Platform and wait for your Security Tokens to appear in your Account. After finishing, write me a private message on Facebook, add you to the support group and answer your questions if you need anything.
  • My Facebook :

How To Invest in SelfMaker ?

(VIDEO) SelfMaker Smart Solutions – How to Register and Buy Tokens

(VIDEO) SelfMaker Smart Solutions – How to Register and Buy Tokens
How To Invest In SelfMaker ?
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