How To Invest In SelfMaker ?

How To Invest In SelfMaker ?


For interested investors – the token sale will end on March 31, 2022, this is the last time to purchase tokens at the current price and perks like up to 50% bonus and currently ongoing airdrops.

SelfMaker Start Step by Step – Here You will learn how to participate in the SelfMaker Company, in the entire Ecosystem, buying Security Tokens on the SelfMakerSmartSolutions Platform.

I will introduce you here the Process from very beginning to the very end.

How To Invest In SelfMaker ?
How To Invest In SelfMaker ?

STEP 1. Registration on the SelfMaker Smart Solutions Platform.

  • To Purchase Security Tokens we must Register on their SelfMaker Smart Solutions Platform and only there we can Purchase Tokens.
  • Direct Register CLICK HERE or the image “Register Now” below.
  • After completing the Registration Form, you will receive a Confirmation Email

STEP 2. KYC Verification (KYC TAB)

  • Verify Your Account By Sending Documents To The Company For Verification.
  • If you are investing up to $1.000 at the beginning, you don’t need to send immediately, if you’re going to invest more than $1.000, you need to go to KYC Level 1 Verification.
  • Verification Level 1. Invest Up to $15.000 = ID or Passport or Driving License.
  • Verification Leve 2. No Limit Investment = Personal ID + Media Bill or Account Statement / Transfer Confirmation.
How To Invest In SelfMaker ?
How To Invest In SelfMaker ?

The Verification Process is very simple and quick, but in case of Any problems please contact me.

STEP 3. Purchase Security Tokens (Via Bitcoin)

  • Go to the “Buy” tab, enter the number of Tokens you want to buy.
  • The Minimum amount is $109. ($100 is Tokens and $9 is a one-time registration fee)
  • Click “Complete to Order
  • It will take us to the CoinPayment Website where we will finalize the transaction.
  • There Where “Select a Coin” Select BTC and click “Complete Checkout
  • We scan the Bar Code through your Application/BTC Wallet or We rewrite the exact Amount and Address to which BTC must be sent.
  • After Dispatch, we wait for confirmation and we return to our office where after some time our Security Tokens will appear.
  • The purchase of Security Tokens takes place with the help of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, if you do not have Bitcoin, you can buy it on the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange or I Bitcoin ATM in your City.

Do Not Turn Off The Transaction Page Until The Message “PAID” Appears.

STEP 4. Finish

  • Return to the Platform and wait for your Security Tokens to appear in your Account. After finishing, write me a private message on Facebook, add you to the support group and answer your questions if you need anything.
  • My Facebook :

How To Invest in SelfMaker ?

(VIDEO) SelfMaker Smart Solutions – How to Register and Buy Tokens

(VIDEO) SelfMaker Smart Solutions – How to Register and Buy Tokens
How To Invest In SelfMaker ?
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