New Selfmaker product Click & Collect Store

New SelfMaker product Click & Collect store was created for the needs of the market, the Selfmaker company follows the trend, producing self-service devices for 6 years.

Companies that have Click & collect stores allow you to order the product in the selected store online, then collect the product at any time at the store.

Currently, the company supplies these devices throughout the country, however, ultimately it is the whole of Europe and the world.

SelfMaker produces self-service devices for many very large companies such as Rossmann, Leroy Merlin, Auchan, Decathlon and many others.
There are more and more orders, and new prototypes of new projects are being created.

SelfMaker SelfLocker Click & Collect Store is a project for many years, the pandemic has accelerated the automation processes, people are increasingly choosing to shop online. A Click & Collect is ideally suited to serving any customer.

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The company has now moved to New Hall Production, here everything is going much better, more efficiently, more space, more possibilities etc.

More Information about New Hall Production Click Here.

New Selfmaker product Click & Collect Store

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Selfmaker Smart Solutions
Selfmaker Smart Solutions

Investment Opportunities

In 2020, the tokenization of the company was carried out, thanks to which every interested investor can take part in the company by investing in the company’s Security Tokens.

More details on this can be found in the other entries on this page.

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How Can You Start ? 

  1. Register on the Platform Directly Link :
  2. You are undergoing KYC Verifications confirming your details, (Purchase up to $1.000 without KYC).
  3. You Buy SELF Tokens, the payment is in the form of Bitcoin (BTC). 
  4. The minimum investment in security tokens is $109. 
  5. The more Tokens you have, the more you will gain.


Selfmaker Register
Selfmaker Register
SelfMaker Earnings investment
SelfMaker Earnings investment