Official end date of SELF tokens sale 25.06.2022 !

Official end date of SELF tokens sale 25.06.2022 !

The Official end date of the token sale is June 25, 2022, the sale was supposed to end earlier, on March 31, 2022 to be exact, however several important issues have additionally influenced the fact that it will end in June, for example the change of transfer of the SELF token infrastructure to another system, from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain !

This is great news for investors !

  • Possibility of higher token accumulation
  • More additional bonuses,
  • More Airdrops from each unsold token pool,

Extending the sale of tokens in the presale phase is also a great benefit for the company, more funds for development !

By June there will also be several other new developments like a new professional website, new channels, new media etc.

Currently, the token price is $4.6 – The $4.6 token pool ends in exactly 7 days ( April 4 ), currently we have 496528 available tokens in this pool, and then a new pool of $4.7 tokens begins + in addition investors receive Airdrop (free tokens, airdrop), through which they gain more.

It is also worth remembering the additional bonus of 10% to 50% more tokens with each purchase, depending on how many tokens you buy, and it looks exactly like this :

  • 100-199 tokens (+10% more tokens bonus)
  • 200-299 tokens (+20% more tokens bonus)
  • 300-499 tokens (+30% more tokens bonus)
  • 500-999 tokens (+40% more tokens bonus)
  • Buying 1000+ tokens (+50% more tokens bonus)

So for example buying 1000 tokens you will get finally 1500 tokens !

Buying 5000 tokens you will get finally 7500 tokens !

This is very important to be active buyer in each pool of tokens because you will receive much more in Airdrops !

How to buy SELF tokens ?

3 simple steps :

1. Register your account in SelfmakerSmartSolutions investment platform : CLICK HERE DIRECT LINK 

2. After registration on the platform, do your KYC verification, you do not need to do it right now if you want invest less then 13000$, if you want invest more then 13000$ do KYC level 1. 

3. Go to “Buy Token” Tab and buy your first SELF tokens, you can buy it via Bitcoin (choose Coinpayment), or via PaymentCard (choose MoonPay). 

Choose the best option for you, in my opinion the best way to buy Tokens is through CoinPayment – Bitcoin, you pay less fee than what MoonPay takes for card payments. However, if you haven’t dealt with bitcoin before, you can certainly buy comfortably with your card.

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