SelfMaker Technology Company

What is SelfMaker And How You Can Be Part Of It ?

SelfMaker is a Polish technology company specializing in the comprehensive design of multifunctional self-service devices.

It has operating continuously since 2015, successfully implementing more and more advanced solutions. They combine individual designed devices with proprietary software that meet the needs of the consumer market.

Our Company SelfMaker Grows Incredibly, they are going for the Leader in the Automation Industry in the World. And You can have your share in it today !

With CEO SelfMaker Marek Wieteska
With CEO SelfMaker Marek Wieteska

A few facts about the Company :

  • A Dynamically developing technology company from the Automation,
  • Currently SelfMaker has 150 Partner, including Over 30 Global Partners !
  • Industry creates solutions for : Retail, Banking, Tourism (restaurant, hotels) and transport.
  • At an early stage of development, we received an offer to buy company, for an amount between 20 and 50 million EURO (NDA applies) – the offer was rejected.
  • Recorded a 461.5% Increase in Valuation over the past two years,
  • Implements its solutions and products on many European markets, in the USA and in Dubai.
  • Official partner of Samsung and Microsoft
  • Company is on the Verge of Global Expansion

Examples Of Devices :

  • SelfMaker Implemented Over 600 Order of Kiosk throughout Europe.
  • 4.600 Digital Signage Screens installed In the Largest Retail Chains,
  • Building 57 Industrial Machines for clients from Europe (Including Duracell, Carrefour)
  • In just 2 months Company sold several thousand units, and collected orders from all over Europe for over 20 thousand pieces of SelfClean new hand sanitizer kiosk
  • AI Machine – Self-service cash Register managed by artificial intelligence. The device was created in cooperation with Microsoft, Novelty on the World Market
  • The company has many new prototypes, R&D departament is currently working on a vending store, an exchange office, ATM crypto, SelfLocker (dedicated, specialized parcel locker for the retail industry)
  • SelfLocker is already in the one of the biggest retail in Europe.

SelfMaker Technology Company

“Our Family of Order Kiosks successfully replaces missing employees in various business concepts.”

[VIDEO] New SelfMaker Production Hall :


Selfmaker Hall Production 2020-2021

The Selfmaker Team

The whole team consists of over 40 people, programmers, directors, editors and many others, it will present the 2 most important people :

CEO Selfmaker Marek Wieteska


CEO / Chief Executive Office

An entrepreneur with many years of experience in the FCMG industry, currently the President of the Management Board of Selfmaker Sp. z o.o. – a technology company that deals with the automatic control of service and sales processes. A supporter of new technologies, an active speaker including “Microsoft Inspire 2019” in Las Vegas and promoter of the idea of digitization and improving the quality of customer experience in the retail industry. Co-founder of the SelfBox project, the first fully modular self-service kiosk on the market.


Senior Chief Constructor

Experienced constructor derived from industrial automation, creator of solutions used in the production of elements of everyday use. Engineering enthusiast. He started his adventure with technology in his family home, where he repaired all possible equipment. Further several years of experience in the design and construction of industrial machines has been translated into the creation of new solutions for the Retail and FMCG industries (automation of service and sales processes). To date, Piotr has developed 60 models, 600 kiosks and over 4,500 Digital Signage solutions.

The main goal of the company is to become the World Automation Leader.

By 2024, the company wants to be One of the Worlds Leader.

The company is currently present on over 10 European Markets, which proves its Value.


Register on the Investment Platform to buy Company Tokens, click here:

Selfmaker Register
Selfmaker Register


A new way of investing in companies from around the world basen on Blockchain Technology has emerged, namely the Security Token Offering.

What is Security Token ?

Security Token – Is a cryptographic token that reflects Real Assets, e.g. in the form of Shares in a Company.

STO – Security Token Offering is the initial sale of tokens, which are the Ownership Deeds of a given Property (e.g. Real Estate, companies).

The Selfmaker company decided on Tokenization, they released their Token which we, as Investors, can buy on the SelfmakerSmartSolutions Platform and thus participate in All SelfMaker activities through long-term profits that will be paid to us in the form of the TOKEND, read in the traditional market “Dividends”.

The SelfMakerSmartSolutions company, which is “Your Door” to safe Investment in the Entire Selfmaker Ecosystem, has a full prospectus, acts as an investment hub, supervises the development of the project and the implementation of set goals, and brings together investors.

Selfmaker Smart Solutions
Selfmaker Smart Solutions


SelfCoin (SELF) – This is a Token based on blockchain technology. It is the SelfMaker Digital Share equivalent. Its value grows with the development of the company.

TOKENDA – Systematic Profit Payment for SELF Token Holders.

NEW TREND – Opportunity to make a profit on a market with Huge Growth Potential.

SelfMaker Earnings investment
SelfMaker Earnings investment

What You Get When You Buy Digital Stocks SelfMaker ?

– You are taking Part in the Next Technological Revolution, the industrial revolution 4.0 = Automation,

– In this way, you participate in the Entire EcoSystem of the company, in all its activities.

– The larger the company, the greater the value of your tokens.

– Everything is fully transparent.

– Profits in the Form of Tokend (Dividends) Directly to Your wallet for Many years. (Passive Income)

– We invest in a Real Company

– We invest in a Valuable Product

– You are investing in Your Future.

Register on the exchange and Buy SELF Tokens to be part of SelfMaker, Registration Here :

What are the benefits of Security Token Offering ?

  • Available to everyone
  • Low Investment Amount
  • Possibility to invest at any time and anywhere on Earth (24/7)
  • Invest from home without any intermediaries Ws
  • Everything 100% Legal

Automation is the next Industrial 4.0 Revolution. Many people missed the previous ones, so this one is not worth missing. Join Us Today !

Selfmaker Goals in Connection with Tokenization

First of all, they focus on building a larger community, investor are an important part of the company, at the same time they are customers, they have contacts which are of course very important for the company.

By Building Larger, the Selfmaker community has a much greater publicity, acquiring new investor clients and having much greater opportunities to Grow and Larger Contracts around the world.

There are 25.000.000 Total Security Tokens. But 23.698.000 are going to be sold and the Total Collection is exactly $133.000.000.

For 5 years the Company has been carrying out contracts for Global Corporations in Europe. The additional cash will allow them to execute the Largest Contracts Around The World.

The Token Price at the moment is $5.40. (Token price all time can changed, investors all time can trade with tokens)

How Can You Start Invest ?

  1. Register on the Platform Directly Link :
  2. You Buy SELF Tokens via BNB.
  3. The minimum investment in SELF Tokens is depend on you.
  4. The more Tokens you have, the more you will gain in the future from Tokenda(dividend).



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SelfMaker Technology Company

This is not investment advice, everyone should make their own investment decisions after doing proper research. Any investment involves the risk of losing some or all of the capital.

Generate Profits by investing into the next BIG TECH REVOLUTION
Generate Profits by investing into the next BIG TECH REVOLUTION