SelfMaker New Production Hall

The SelfMaker company based in Łódź city in Poland, is currently preparing a new production hall, where it will soon officially start production there.

As a reminder, the selfmaker company has been operating on the traditional market since 2015 and is successfully developing in the Automation industry as well as artificial intelligence, the main goal of the company is the automation leader.

The new factor will allow the company to raise the level higher due to the much larger size of the entire hall and everything will be specially adapted to the company’s operations.

Thanks to this, the company will be able to conclude much larger contracts on a global scale.

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With CEO SelfMaker Marek Wieteska

With CEO Marek Wieteska in the headquarter SELFMAKER

Below I present the Video I recorded on 10/10/2020 in the new selfmaker production hall :

SelfMaker New Production Hall

The hall is located in “Chechło” is a few kilometers from the city of Łódź. Work on the new company hall began a few months ago, since then a lot has changed and soon SelfMaker will move its activities there. This will allow the company to rise to the next level and conquer the world of automation.

The entire facility will include the Production Hall, training center, office buildings as well as the Energy Self-Sufficient Factory, and more in the future.

This place will go down in history as the one that gave the world many new solutions, helped the world to enter the next level when it comes to automation.

Here is the entire visualizations and description of the new hall :

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