Selfmaker Smart Solutions – Best Way To Buy Tokens SELF

Selfmaker Smart Solutions – Best Way To Buy Tokens SELF

When you buy SELF tokens you participate in the entire Selfmaker ecosystem, you become just like a shareholder in the traditional market.
This is an investment opportunity in a company with great global potential.

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A detailed step-by-step description of how to register on the investment platform and buy SELF tokens can be found here : How To Invest In SELF TOKENS step by step click here

How to get started ?

1. Register your account in SelfmakerSmartSolutions investment platform : CLICK HERE DIRECT LINK

2. After registration on the platform, do your KYC verification, you do not need to do it right now if you want invest less then 13000$, if you want invest more then 13000$ do KYC level 1.

3. Go to “Buy Token” Tab and buy your first SELF tokens, you can buy it via Bitcoin (choose Coinpayment), or via PaymentCard (choose MoonPay).

Choose the best option for you, in my opinion the best way to buy Tokens is through CoinPayment – Bitcoin, you pay less fee than what MoonPay takes for card payments. However, if you haven’t dealt with bitcoin before, you can certainly buy comfortably with your card.

Selfmaker Register
Selfmaker Register

Potential returns for investors :

  1. Tokenda – regular profit payment to investors (passive income, like dividends in the traditional market)
  2. Potential increase in the value of the SELF token and price, the price of the token as of today (15.03.2022) is $4.5 still in the official token sale by the company.
  3. As the value of the company increases, the value of the token itself also increases, the higher the value of the company, the higher the revenue of the company, the higher the potential Token (Dividend from the traditional market), and also the more the token price can potentially increase.
  4. An informed investor knows exactly where the world is going, automation is a huge trend that is growing all the time, and every SELF-investor participates in it!